Binder not found exception for webservice provider

I have a webservice provider in 7.1.1. which is working fine when it is getting invoked from clientHttp service or from a webmethods webservice consumer for that provider. I even tried invoking froma SOAP UI tool. Every where I got the soap response data back.
But, when it gets invoked from IBM end, they are getting the following error.

[12/29/08 10:09:22:157 PST] 00000031 ConnectionEve A J2CA0056I: The Connection Manager received a fatal connection error from the Resource Adaptor for resource eis/JCAHTTP-WS. The exception which was received is [ISS.0088.9166] Binder not found for soapAction
can anyone help me providing the solution?? Thanks

Are you using the WSDL generated by the webMethods IS webservice wsd provider or are you using a custom WSDL?

I’ve seen this error before and it can be cause by a couple of different things. 1- The calling client (websphere in this case) is not sending a soapaction or the soapaction doesn’t match what is define in the WSDL 2- you changed the binding in WSD provider but didn’t update the custom WSDL.

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Thanks for your suggestion.The wsdl I used for Consumer is what generated by the wm provider. We have given them them the provider URL to invoke while calling the wm’s webservice.
I have a doubt here while specifying the Soap action in the wsdl while generating the provider. Is that the SOAP action inside the Operation should contain the Operation name or the location where the provider wsd resides in the developer package?


If you used the generated WSDL you shouldn’t have to worry about that it fills it in for you. If you try and invoke the web service say through SOAPUI what happens? Does it work?

It works well with the provider generated WDSL. But when its get invoked from websphere it gives binder not found exception. I am very curious to know is there any way to edit the soap action after the provider got generated?


Sounds like the webSphere client is not sending the complete soap message maybe? You can edited the binding but I’m not sure that is going to help. Might want to use TCPTrace to see what webSphere is sending.

hi guys… it got resolved finally. Its a problem with IBM and they had gone with a fix for it about binder name .