Big Iron meets Big Data

Create new business value with big data analytics

Issue 4, 2014

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Imagine the possibilities if you could gain insights into your valuable transaction data combined with real-time data in motion and make sense of it all. By applying big data analytics, you can gain new insights and make intelligent decisions by enriching your transaction data with big streaming data.


How much has your organization embraced big data? Have you looked beyond the walls of your enterprise for new data sources that could transform how you operate your business? What will be the impact on your business’s future if you delay taking advantage of the opportunities created from the big data evolution?

Customer experience management

Imagine being able to create personalized offers for your customers “on the fly.” Do you know where a consumer of your product or services spends his vacation? What are his shopping habits? If you interact with him on social media such as Facebook or Twitter®, you could draw a conclusion about what appeals to him most.

Now combine that information with insights from analyzing this individual’s past transactions, service requests or call center interactions—stored on your ERP and CRM systems—to create a tailored offering. Deliver that offering right to his mobile phone as he walks into your retail store. This approach to managing the customer experience—gaining you a 360-degree customer view—will help you deliver products, services or offers tailored specifically for an individual customer in seconds.

Operational intelligence

Imagine having better operational intelligence to make decisions and immediately act on analytic insights. Wouldn’t a utility company find it valuable to have the latest weather conditions and forecasts geographically defined to proactively plan for capacity needs or staging repair crews? Once your logistics operations kick in, whether it is repair trucks on the way or shipping products, imagine how tapping into local Twitter feeds about traffic conditions could help you re-route and stay on schedule.

Visibility into your business processes can help you optimize your supply chain like never before. Automatically connect critical upstream and downstream processes, seamlessly pulling data from disparate silos and showing how each distinct part affects your overall business. You can measure real-time events against target key performance indicators providing actionable information that lets you perform root-cause analyses throughout the supply chain. With your new insights, you can implement new rules and workflows to optimize your supply chain, saving your organization time and money.

Security and audit

What if you could stop fraud before it happens? Monitor all of your data streams through automation—real-time incoming alerts from smart meters, database events and log data, inconsistencies between consumption and billing, changes in consumption patterns compared to historical levels and processes associated with investigating questionable service and security levels. Then, by integrating these multiple streams in a way that allows real-time comparison and benchmarking, you provide your employees the tools to identify fraud sooner, protecting your infrastructure as well as your revenue.

Big iron meets big data

This is what merging historical transaction data with new data and applying big data analytics looks like. Insights you can gain from a variety of sources outside of your company about the habits, needs and wants of your customers, partners and business combined with real-time access to contextual data—historical usage rates, benchmarks for known fraudulent patterns—and you will have a competitive advantage.

Figure 1: Gain new insights and make better decisions by processing and enriching your high-value transaction data and streaming data with big data analytics.

Big data analytics is the key to deriving the maximum value from fast big data and transactions. Those who embrace this new capability can gain new insights and make better decisions by processing and enriching an immense volume of structured and unstructured data.

Big Data Analytics from Software AG

Software AG is recognized as a Leader in Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms by Forrester Research, Inc., in The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, Q3 2014.  With Software AG’s technologies you can correlate, aggregate, filter and query large volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources to make intelligent decisions with real-time visualization.

Through streaming analytics, you can enrich real-time events, detect patterns and derive context to improve decision-making. Combine that with an in-memory data management architecture that provides scalability and high availability with extremely low latency, you have the tools you need to take advantage of all that big iron and big data have to offer.


With Software AG’s big data analytics and mainframe integration technologies, you now have the ability to make business decisions on real-time data from multiple sources including your transactional data in Adabas-Natural applications.

Through interactive, self-service dashboards you can view real-time insights into critical aspects of the business using your mobile device, your laptop or any other platform you choose. And more importantly, you can automate intelligent actions to take place when certain criteria or thresholds occur.

Embrace big data today—as one of the four forces—mobile, social, big data and cloud—that are reshaping expectations and possibilities, you cannot ignore the opportunities of the big data evolution.

Isn’t it time for your big iron to meet big data?

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Create new business value by merging transactions and new data with big data analytics