Big Data Streaming Analytics

I’m excited to invite you to our next webMethods PS Solutions Corner event. The event is open for everyone.

About the event

Organizations today are more than ever challenged by the 4 Vs of Big Data - how to ingest enormous Volumes of data generated at breakneck Velocities with Variety and Veracity as diverse as the organization and make those time-sensitive decisions in real-time at ultra-low latencies.

Are you someone looking for a solution designed to tackle just that?

In this Webinar, we will take you through our solution that showcases data correlation in real-time at scale into actionable intel.

The solution focuses on how to realize a scalable streaming analytics pipeline handling a large volume of events and answer the critical business problems of the logistics industry like prioritizing shipments that need attention over tens of millions of active shipments providing focus to operations and increasing logistics network efficiency.

To know more, please join us.

Feedback & Ideas

If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback related to the event, please post them as a reply below. We’d love to hear your thoughts