Best practices or recommended settings for SQL Server DB user that webMethods will use for connection

Hello Community

I am new to SAG webMethods tool. I am planning to install webMethods integration software for first time (downloaded latest free trial version)

I would like to know if there are any best practices or recommended user rights settings for the SQL Server user that WebMethods integration software (or its components) will use for SQL Server DB connection?

For example should we give admin rights to that user? Or should we assign any other specific role or may be minimum access/rights only?

If there is anything that you guys can comment/advice based upon your prior experience then it will be really useful



Admin rights are not required, user needs to have rights only for the Product DB.

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Hello Srikanth

Thanks for your reply/response.

Are you aware of any Tech Community post/topic that may have some info/steps explaining how we can make webmethods installation wizard connect with SQL Server DB (instead of embedded DB) during installation?

I am asking it because it is first time I am going to install webmethods, and I am not sure if I need to specify connection string in some specific format etc or if we can just select appropriate values from drop down list during installation process for DB connection?



I will try for a sample and will share one to one.