Best practices for Siebel Outbound Integrations


I became aware of the integration approaches available for integrating Siebel by searhing this forum and also the User guide for Siebel Adapter but I am wondering whats the best approach to use. I am interested in receiving notifications from Siebel. EAI WM Transports, EAI HTTP Transports,Web Services and JDBC notifications would help me achieve this but can anyone help me in selecting the best approach for Siebel outbound integrations. I would be using WM Siebel 6.0 Adapter and Siebel version is 7.5. The Integration is supposed to receive notifications when a new region or site is added.

Thanks for your help !

Part of the decision process involves assessing the availability and skill level of your Siebel team. If they are skilled and have capacity then options involving configuring Siebel to send outbound XML or SOAP messages might be viable, also adding client side code to send messages (Broker, XML or SOAP) when certain forms are saved would be available.

If you need a low-impact method due to lack of skilled resources on the Sieble side, then your DBA can create triggers on the Siebel tables that are updated when things you care about are inserted, updated or deleted. Those triggers can populate buffer tables that are polled by WM basic notifications. Your triggered service may need to use Siebel adapter service to obtain all the info needed to perform the desired action.

If your company or client has an assigned Siebel system engineer, you might check with them about the options available on the Siebel side using Siebel 7.5.



Thanks Mark for the response !

Hi Vaibhavi,

I would not recommend using the Siebel adapter. It cannot work with multiple versions of Siebel. e.g. if you have a connection to 7.5.x, then you cannot connect to 7.7 and above, because IS/Adapter cannot use 2 different Siebel JAR driver files.

Recommend you use WSDL/Web Services in wM and the Siebel EAI Transport with SOAP.