Best practice on SAP call

For outbound call from webMethods to SAP, usually we’ll focus on using BAPI call or RFC call. If we used built-in flow service to call BAPI, we’ll always use services like lockSession, releaseSession, commit, rollback etc.

My question is, when we’re using adapter service to call function module, we can also invoke BAPI call by search for functions begin with “BAPI_XXX”. In the flow service that we’ll call the adapter service, do we also need to do the same to locksession, releasesession or it will be handled itself by the adapter service. As per my understanding, commit call is usually expensive IO write operation and if it’s not required, will always avoid to do so unless necessary. Without those call, will that be an issue and cause connection pool resource depleted when an exception is encountered?

Any expert can explain in more details what your past experience in this and what are the best practices on this that you can think of.

Appreciate if someone from SoftwareAG could explain this as well, as the documentation doesn’t explain too much on this.

We are using WmSAP Adapter 7.1 and rely on the services/notifications and so which the Adapter provides.

  • RFC Connections
  • RFC Listener
  • RFC Notifications
  • RFC Services
  • IDoc Notifications
  • for sending IDocs

We are not using any other services except for transformation of the data.

The rest should be handled by the Adapter internally.