BatchWriteHandler error from EntLogger adapter

We have recently tried moving our EntLogger adapter from adapter config to adapter manager on an HPUX environment. Now we get

java.sql.SQLException: Data size bigger than max size for this type: 8380

error in BatchWriteHandler batchWrite(). There was an error processing the data. EIProcess error: Data size bigger than max size for this type: 8380

it seems that the EntLogger is trying to insert into the ent_activation table.

This was working just fine under adapter config prior to this, and now, strangely, we can’t go back and get it to work there either.

Has anyone experienced this and do you have a solution?? I have already openned an SR on Advantage site.


wM support helped us identify two causes for our problem. The was that since we are using Oracle for our db, we needed to use the newer sl53_cj31.jar file for the db drivers. We then ran into an additional problem because we do not have BI(modeller) installed - more specifically the BI database tables. Without those tables, the logger adapter would just keep throwing “table not found” errors. After swapping out the jdbc jar file and building the BI tables, things are working fine under the 4.6 adk runtime.