BatchInsertSQL - nvarchar2 - (17004) Invalid column type. ERROR

Hi All,

I am using BatchInsertSQL to insert values to oracle table which is having nvarchar2 fields.

nvarchar2 fields are NOT NULL fields.

While inserting data into table, i am getting the following error.
(17004) Invalid column type.

As I referred advantage site, suggested to
install patch JDBC_6-0-3_Fix15 or JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix10.

Trying to install this patch in our server, we are getting version conflict error.
“Error: The version of the existing package does not match the version of the package to be installed. Installation fails”

Server Details : 6.1
Updates Installed:

WmJDBCAdapter package version :
(Still now there is no bug fix installed for This package)

Do you have any suggestion to solve this issue? Thanks!