BatchInsertSQL - nvarchar2 - (17004) Invalid column type. ER

Hi All,

I am using BatchInsertSQL to insert values to my oracle table which is having nvarchar2 fields.

The above mentioned nvarchar2 fields are NOT NULL fields.

While inserting data into table, i am getting the following error.
(17004) Invalid column type.

As I referred advantage site, suggested to
install patch JDBC_6-0-3_Fix15 or JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix10.

Trying to install this patch in our server, we are getting version conflict error.
“Error: The version of the existing package does not match the version of the package to be installed. Installation fails”

Server Details : 6.1
Updates Installed:

WmJDBCAdapter package version :
(Still now there is no bug fix installed for This package)

Do you have any ideas to solve this issue? Thanks!


which patch did you try?



which patch did you try?

JDBC_6-0-3_Fix15? will not work


Sorry for the duplicates, but my keyboard got a little bit crazy.

JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix10? Should work, but you should check for JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix17 instead. Remember to check the dependencies between fixes as JDBC Fixes (might) have depenedencies to ART and XA-Fixes.