Batch Insert is taking a long time

Hi, I am new to web methods and don’t know much about it. There is a adapter service called Batch Insert and I have been noticing that it is taking a long time. It takes about 10 minutes to insert 9 records. Apart from Indexes on the table, could there be something else that is responsible for the slowness? Is there anything else that i could look at in Web methods to improve the performance on the insert. Please advise!


Which is the database that you are connecting ?
Few are the reason for adapter service lagging performance are Network Latency, Large table size, incorrect index.

Can you try inserting the records using sqlplus and also thourgh a simple Java prepared statement using the same JDBC driver that webMethods is using. If this is also taking same time and shows performance issue, it means the bottle neck is not with your webMethods batch insert adapter service, but some where in database server itself or network problem or some other issues

Also monitoring the database server usage and statistics during the insert operation will be very helpfull to find the bottle neck.


It is inserting to JDE db.