Batch/Bulk update of records

Does anyone know if a user can do a bulk edit of a list/set of records? One of our applications would like to update a particular field in several records at the same time by clicking a checkbox next to the records in some sort of list view and then click a button to update field across all selected records.

There is a “Mass Operation” ability, but it seems like a developer-level activity and not an ability we should be expecting users to have.


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Hi Anderson,

Bulk update is the easiest way to user. Just need to create a view in the object based on filter, then we can do mass update by selecting the object, view and then respective field.

We have another way by using scheduler rule by mentioning the condition. This rule will run for all the records which are present in the object. Instead of this I can suggest to do mass update only. So that only specified records in the created view will modify.


Anderson, yes, ofcourse we can do bulk edit based on filter condition. Did you see any challenges in implementing this. Share any errors if you come acrosss.


Can you please explain to me how it is done?

First you need to create a view with the conditions for which records you want to do bulk update, then goto data management and then mass update →

  1. Select the object to which you created a view
  2. Select the view to which you want to do mass update
  3. Select the field which you want to update the data and then enter the value
  4. Then execute it