Basic question regarding the Installation Directory on Windows

why webMethods suggests webMethods Intallation Dir as C:\webMethods6 instead of default C:\Program Files\webMethods6

What are the advantages ?


IME, there is no practical difference. It is purely a matter of preference.

I prefer not to have spaces in my Java classpath and on dev boxes I prefer to use something short and sweet like “c:\wm7”.


For my own personal installation, I tend to stick with the default Windows location: C:\Program Files.… and I’ve never had a problem. However, the other day I did notice something unusual. I went into the Windows registry to see what parameters were being passed to the webMethods IS Windows service, and I noticed that JvmArgs was incomplete. In my registry, JvmArgs is set to:
-Xms768M -Xmx768M -Xrs -DWM_HOME=C:\Program

As you can see, WM_HOME is incomplete. It looks like everything after the space was dropped. Although I’ve never had a problem with this setup, I’ll probably start using shorter paths in the future to prevent any surprises.

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excellent replies , thanks a lot.