Basic Notification

I cannot seem to understand the difference between basic notifications and insert notifications. Can anybody please help?
Also can we use basic notifications for teradata db?


Hi …

The main change b/w basic and insert notification is in basic notification u need to manually create the buffer table,trigger,sequence in the database.
But for insert notification , IS creates the buffer table,trigger…

for more info check the jdbc adpaters guide.


Bhanu provided a good description of the difference.

I’d offer this additional advice. In my experience, it is generally preferrable to use basic notification and manage the database elements directly rather than have the adapter manage them. When the adapter manages these elements they are sometimes dropped and recreated when you don’t anticipate that to happen–which can result in missing data activity that you wanted to capture.

How can we create buffer table, trigger for a particular table in DB ?
where we will see thee Buffer tables and Triggers in DB ?
can anyone provide the sample code for it.


Once you create a basic notification, the related DB Objects will appear in the table located schema …

Pls go through JDBC Documentation…


Hi khnreddy,

If you are looking to create buffer table and trigger in the DB manually …
then you can check with your DBA to create them for you … and if u r good in creating and managing DB objects then you can do it urself … google to find the sql scripts to create the same…

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Basic notifications do not create the DB objects. The DB objects need to be created manually.

yup, :confused: i mean to say that the DB objects will be in table located schema…