Basic notification in db2

Hi ,
i am using the basic notification in JDBC adapter for DB2 database and created the Buffer table with a cloumn alias of wm_rowid(user defined) as, passed the parameter in JAVA tab of JVM option(-Djdbc.rowIDColumn=QAWMRID where QAWMRID is alias of wm_rowid), but giving the folowing Error:

java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0208] ORDER BY column WM_ROWID or expression not in result table. Cause . . . . . : Column WM_ROWID or an expression is specified in the ORDER BY clause and is not valid because: – The column or expression is not in the result table (is not specified in the SELECT list). – The column or expression is in the SELECT list but the result column is renamed using an AS clause. If the AS clause is used to name a column in the result table, the name specified on the AS clause must be the name specified on the ORDER BY clause. – A qualified name in the ORDER BY clause refers to a name specified in an AS clause. A name specified in an AS clause cannot be qualified. – The name does not refer to a named column of the result table when a UNION or UNION ALL operator is specified. The result column is named if the corresponding columns in each SELECT list have the same name. Recovery . . . : Do one of the following and try the request again: – Add column WM_ROWID or the expression to the result table. – Remove column WM_ROWID or the expression from the ORDER BY clause. – Ensure WM_ROWID is a named result column if UNION or UNION ALL is specified. – Specify a numeric column identifier in place of WM_ROWID in the ORDER BY clause.

can any one help me .

Can you please specify the all configurations what you have with webMethods and databases.


i am connecting to db2 database and adapter is configured to correct Libraries .but db2 has contraint that coulmn with same name i.e wm_rowid can not be used so coulmn is an alias of wm_rowid .

Hi, Ashutosh.

It sounds like you got this corrected. Am I right? The trick is to change the SQL statement so that the alias is not named as the column?


Hi Dan,
pls let me know the solution , beco’s table which is created thry JDE is doesn’t support _ or any special Charecter so Alias has be created of that coulmn ,passed the alias name in JVM of Java Tab but not able to resolve , appreciate if u eloborate