basic integration question

Hi all,

If my client has a webMethods server then I will give him my top level service to give the input to my top level service.

but if the client has another webserver how does he submit input to my top level service…

kindly tell me the process pls

Are you familiar with this topic, SOA? How about Rest based or Web Services based interfaces?

Dear Sir,

thank you for your answer…ok… what I understood is I will take the input to a webservice and invoke my top level service… but my questions are

  1. kindly name a few systems that can give input to a webservice

  2. before SOA how was the architecture to get the input to my top level service ( in older versions)…

  3. If my partner also has a webMethods integration server , is there any need of getting input to the webservice? because he can invoke my top level service remotely right?

kindly write back sir…



I don’t really know of any modern IT system, framework, language etc that doesn’t support web services, even the mainframe can handle that.

Services aren’t new to SOA and web services != SOA. The goal here is not to tightly couple your architecture/design. Exposing a flow service to be directly invoke by another system can lead to that aka spaghetti architecture. Before SOA became the hot buzz word it was still a bad idea to tightly couple your flow services. After all someone spent a lot of money to bring in webMethods, tightly tying everything together would defeat the purpose.

Why yes they can but see above why that’s a bad idea. Program to an interface not an implementation.

Thank you so much sir…