Basic FTP setup

I am trying to FTP a .txt file to an IS 4.6 SP2 server.

I have created a flow and am able to log on, change directories and ftp the file to the service (using BINARY). The flow has as input a *object (same name as file being ftp’d) and the first step in the service is streamToBytes.

However, I keep getting ‘stream is a required field’ error.

I am sure it us something simple but just do not see what is wrong, any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I believe the object you see in the pipeline is a byte array of the entire file, not a stream.

OK, I got some advice from Chris Linton (thanks).

What I had to do in the flow was define an input to the flow as a string with name ‘contentStream’. Then, in the flow itself, use that value as input to streamToBytes, then use bytesToString.

I also included getTransportInfo for the file name.

Works fine for text files…

Thanks to Chris

I just voted my post as a 1 star since I was waayyy off-base. Glad you were able to get it resolved. And thanks for posting the resolution for posterity.