Barcode reading on a web page

I am attempting to read a barcode on a web page, and the web page is not recognizing the carriage return at the end of the barcode to be “Enter”. I need to be able to recognize that a variable has changed and execute the method identified on the field when the carriage return is encountered.

It appears that the web page is perhaps interpreting the hex 0D (Carriage Return) as a CTRL-M and the web page seems to ignore the input.

Has anybody been able to get a browser to recognize the hex 0D as the value sent when the enter key is pressed?



My point of view is: Carriage Return is NOT Enter. Enter is Linefeed (or CR+LF in the Windows World).

Are we talking about a barcode scanner? Most of them can be configured what to send after the barcode. In most cases LF or CR+LF is suitable…

We are using Symbol and HP bar code readers. ANd we can indeed configure what is sent after the barcode.

In the past we would configure the barcode reader to send CR+LF after the barcode.

Linefeed is recognized by my browser as CTRL+J which, at least in Firefox, displays the download page. So we have reconfigured the bar code reader to just send CR at the end of the barcode.

Since then, we have found a setup option in configuring the bar code reader’s synapse to “Enable Function Key Mapping”. When this option is selected for the set up of the synapse, the CR is recognized in the browser as CTRL+M which is what I need to happen. We do not need to use this option when solely using the bar code reader in telnet mode.

In any case, the problem is now solved in our environment.

Thanks for the help.