BAPI: insert data

Hi, Anyone have an small tutorial for insert data at SAP using BAPI?

I only wants to store and xml at sap EmployeePersonal Data. I suppose i must use the BAPI EmployeePersonalData.Create… its that right? Must i will create a service adapter or similar?

Using sap adaptor r/3 6.5…

Thanks in advance

Hi jmroca,

BAPI Call will be simple u need to configure the SAP Adapter. The SAP team will give correct BAPI name and u can call the BAPI by using webMethods SAP Adapter Service. you can see the input parameters for that BAPI in the developer just map the inputs. I don’t think u will get tutorial but u can check the SAP Adapter documentation.



just create an new flow service with type SAPOutbond Map. You will be asked for the System an the name of the function module. (BAPIs are function modules also) and the connector will create needed parameters. Fill them with data and go on. Be careful with the ACL.

Kind regards

HI ,
I am looking for help. I need to insert SAP idoc in sap system, for each I doc inserted the sap system will generate new IDOC. Is it possible for to capture the idoc while sap insert with BAPI call? Can you pls let me know if any worked on this.