BAM Exception prevents Activation of a Process


I am building a short showcase-process for my studies. I have implemened the process und uploaded it for execution without getting any errors. When I want to activate the process for execution i get this exception:

[exception.wm_bam_process_config_details] Your last action caused an exception to occur while executing getTrackingExtensionsFromWS().( Server: Step with id [Review/Review:S310] not found in Process Tracker database. )

The step in the exception is the one where my process receives a document, wich I created my dragging the publishable document from the IS-Browser on the screen of the processmodel. What is the reason for this? The designer didnt show any errors so I dont know the reason or this.


This error is usually caused by an inconsistency in the database. You can fix this by deleting data from the webMethods database process tables, then redeploying the process. See article:

Note if you get the same error again then you may need to skip several numbers when updating the version numbers, e.g. going from process version 1 to version 5.

Its informative