B2BServer's SmtpClient hangs

I am using B2B WM 4.0.1 SP 3.

In B2B Integrator, I am writing services that invoke pub.client:smtp. I find that this method acts different, depending whether you call it with a “mimeStream” argument or with a “body” argument.

We have an external SMTP server that seems to have trouble with MIME email, but not with plain email. With plain email (using “body”), a mail gets sent immediately. With MIME email (“mimeStream”), the call to pub.client:smtp HANGS.

After going through the code, I find that pub.client.smtp(Values) invokes the javamail Transport class for non-MIME, but invokes com.wm.net.SmtpClient for MIME.

It would be great if you could fix the com.wm.net.SmtpClient so that it times out.