B2B Server over JDK 1.4

Hi all,

has anyone tested B2B Server/Integrator/TN running over JDK 1.4 platform.



Tested with JDK1.3. I mean pointed the Integrater to use javac1.3 for compiling the services…
If u aim at developing your services with 1.3 then u have to follow certain rules failing which u get inconsistent results…
U have to take care that all your Java services reside in a single level within the same folder hierarchy. (U can refer to the readme file of B2B server).
I think the same holds for JDK1.4 too.

If I understand the system correctly, the Integrator tool doesn’t compile Java services. The Java service code is saved to the Server which performs the compile.

You can configure Integrator and Server to use a specific JDK–Integrator can be run using 1.3 or 1.4 or whatever and Server can run in a different environment–but the Server does the compiling so whatever JDK version the Server is running on is what you’ll need to code your Java services to.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


Pls see the section titled “Building Services Using Java” in Chapter12-Building Coded Services of The ISDeveloperGuide.pdf or in the corresponding B2BIntegratorGuide.pdf for <4.6v.
It says:-
webMethods Developer provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that
you can use to create, compile, and publish Java services. The IDE automatically generates
an appropriately-structured source file that you simply fill-in using the built-in editor.
When you save the source file, the IDE automatically compiles it and registers it on the

Hmmm. This is counter to what I’ve experienced, if my memory serves me.

As I recall, we had written a Java service that relied on other external Java classes. We had set up the Java classes on the Integrator box and did a save of the Java service. The service failed to compile do to undefined symbols.

We moved the the external Java classes to the server and the save/compile worked.

I’ll have to double-check this as my CRS may be kicking in (Can’t Remember Stuff).

…so whatever JDK version the Server is running on is what you’ll need to code your Java services to.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Actually, this is not completely correct. You can “run the server” using one JDK/JRE but complile the Java services using another JDK.

Ever since this issue with the namespace change in JDK 1.3 came up, I’ve always used the bundled IBM 1.3 JRE (for Windows platforms, Sun’s 1.3 for Unix) to run the server but always use the 1.2.2 JDK for compiling my services. The compilation simply refers to the PATH env. var, so prepending the 1.2.2 JDK path the PATH var in server.bat/sh is all that’s needed.

Don’t really like the limitations that come with compiling with 1.3, but I DO like the performance benifits of 1.3.

The B2B Developer doesn’t compile Java services. If you don’t believe me, try this. Open the server.bat file, and remove any reference to tools.jar from the server.bat file. Then run the server.bat and connect to it with the B2B Developer. Now create a new Java service and try to save it. You will get a message saying “… compiler not found”, becuase the compiler classes are loaded from tools.jar file on the server, not the B2B Developer.