B2B Example using TNs

Hi :),

I came to know that how to send the documents from one TN to another TN, but i am facing problem in another TN. Once the document is reached in TN2 i want execute the service, by using that service i want to store the selected attribute values of the received document into a database table.

IS1(TN1) ------------->(TN2)IS2
ISdoc sending ISdoc Received-----[execute service]------>DB
| Store
/ {Execute service contains these lines with doc reference in pipeline}

Please me the services and steps soon:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

You have to play with technical logic and any issues in processing let the forum know and ppl here can suggest accordingly…

Try POC first and troubleshoot/user guide can bail you out:


Hi RMG :slight_smile:

I am facing problem in Logic only… can u tell whats the logic for that…
I tried many times it wont work as i planned

My problem is i want to store the received data into DB. example
I will send doc to my friends’ TN. in his TN doc processes and should perform any service from that service i want to store data into DB

We cannot give you step by step entrie logic here in the forum and mentioned you steps above which required components to use etc…


Hi rmg,
Than please give me the steps soon. :slight_smile:


I solved by logic. Thanks for the help… I know we cant publish logic in forum
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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sounds good: