Azure Monitor for Software AG Logs

Hi community members,

I am trying to see if we can ship/export logs from to Azure Monitor.
Typically looking to see
-what we need to configure in
-Do we need to build the custom connector in webMethods ? If so, would appreciate if anyone can give me the bit of insight.
-Finally, what we might need to configure in Azure Monitor side ?

Any comments/thoughts, would highly appreciate.

With thanks,

Hi @Binod_ranabhat ,
Currently we can export the monitor logs from monitor UI dashboard.
We couple of API’s available wit the help of which we can get the logs for some particular workflow executions.
one work around will be we can download the logs and upload to azure manually.
Please raise this Idea request the portal ( webMethods Ideas ( to have the public API’s to download the logs programmatically.
Once we have the API available you can create framework using the API’s.

Vikash Sharma

Thank you, will do