Avoiding \"[ISS.0098.0061D] No condition matches in tr

Does anyone know a way to avoid cluttering the server log with messages like the following?

[ISS.0098.0061D] No condition matches in trigger XXX for document YYY with activation ZZZ

We have a published document that is consumed by one of four triggers, each trigger having a different filter. Whenever one of these documents is published via the broker, one trigger consumes it, and the other three triggers put a warning message (like the one above) in the server log. Since this occurs frequently, we end up with a large server log containing mostly unwanted messages.

In this particular instance, I can avoid the messages by using local publish rather than publishing via the broker, but I’d prefer to use the broker.

You should change the filter condition to use lexical relational operators. Eg. if you are using a filter like “%foo% <= 100”, change it to “foo L_LESS_THAN 100” (both examples are without the quotes).

This will cause the filter to be saved at the Broker in addition to the IS. The nett effect will be that the Broker will evaluate the filter against the broker document and only pass the document to the trigger that should consume it. The other three triggers will not receive the document at all, and therefore you won’t see the [ISS.0098.0061D] warning message.

See the Building Integration Solutions Using Publication for more details.

Perfect - thanks!