Available Thread Pool Warning


We have recently upgraded to wm to 9.5, everything is running fine or so seems, but in the Logs/Server, I get these lines quite often:

[2398]2014-08-18 16:19:01 BST [ISS.0014.0023I] Available Thread Pool Threshold No Longer Exceeded: 88% available
[2397]2014-08-18 16:18:59 BST [ISS.0014.0020I] Available Thread Pool Warning Threshold Exceeded: 4% available

I am not exactly sure what the thread pool this is, or where I can go to increase the pool size.

BTW, we have broker, is, and mws installed.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


on IS admin UI:
Settings > Resources
Server Thread Pool

check the setting for:
Maximum Threads
Seem your system is reaching the limit under normal load, increase it.

Many thanks Tong.

I have increased the maximum threads.

Best regards.


Increasing the server thread pool should fix the warning message.

thanks M@he$h