Availability of webMethods Microgateway 10.3 – API Management platform’s newest innovation

Software AG is pleased to announce the availability of the newest innovation in our API Management platform, webMethods Microgateway 10.3, which was launched as an Early Customer Release (ECR) on July 30, 2018. The webMethods Microgateway plays an important role in distributed and microservice architectures, serving the east-west API traffic of local and private APIs while enabling the main API Gateways server handle the north-south traffic of public APIs. Microgateways are small and agile, and can be deployed quickly and decommissioned any time thanks to the fact they are brought to live to serve specific function for a specific API. Microgateways can be deployed virtually anywhere—either as a self-contained Java application or as a Docker container, either stand-alone or in sidecar mode.

If you are interested in receiving the ECR of webMethods Microgateway please contact microgateway@softwareag.com.