Automating wM Admin tasks

As a relatively new WebMethods Administrator for a large company (previous a wM developer), I’m responsible for maintaining several instances of IS, Broker, TN, Modeler, Reposerver, etc. We are utilizing clustering, Reverse Invoke and Web Services. WebMethods versions running on Sun Solaris boxes are from v4.6 thru v6.1.

What I’m looking for are ways to automate / script as much as practical / possible, for example:

  • shutting down / starting and restarting IS
  • starting, stopping, and checking status of Brokers
  • proactively monitoring / managing adapters / connections (pooling) for MQ, SAP, and JDBC adapters
  • loading / reloading / activating / deactivating packages
  • need to support automated code migrations from from source code control (i.e., CVS)

In other words, the tasks that are done via Internet Explorer browser Administrator:
For example, you can select ‘Shutdown and Restart’ link then choose either ‘Immediately’ or ‘after all client session end…’

Also, from ‘Packages’, Management’ link you can ‘Install Inbound Releases’ and choose whether to ‘Activate upon installation’ or not.

You can also choose to ‘Activate Inactive Packages’ and ‘Recover Packages’ with an option to ‘Activate upon Recovery’ option.

Does anyone know What code are running behind these options? I’m pretty sure it’s just some internal Java classes / APIs that we need to call from a unix shell script.

Anyone have experience doing this? Could you point me to some good documentation to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy New Year!