Automatically update schedule task

I have a curious question. I’ve setup a tpa where the user can provide inputs for repeating and complex schedules. I would like for TN to trigger an event that’ll update the tpa schedule. Basically, kinda like an audit change event to the tpa. Just wondering if that’s possible. What I’m trying to accomplish is to provide an easier method of scheduling repeating/complex tasks without using the IS admin console.

did you tried to use services under pub.scheduler?
it has the same functions as using the admin ui.

yes pub.scheduler is the services to start with…but your requirement looks interesting task:

what tpa schedule are you taking about in TN TPA’s configuration?


It’s a tpa specifically to store schedule task information. What I want to do is whenever the user update the schedule tpa, I want it to automatically trigger an event that’ll update the schedule. I have the services that’ll update the schedule. I just want a way for TN to invoke it or somehow know when the user updated that tpa to update the schedule.

So did you create a custom canonical publish doc that triggers the event to broker or from TN and the sub service picks up and update the schedule?..or you are wanting to schedule a service programmatic-ally via scheduler services?

I could create a schedule task that can loop through the tpa that contains all the schedule documents but that would be silly. I do like the idea of publishing the document whenever the tpa has been updated but how would you do that?

Which ever way you are comfortable do it…loops thru the tpa seems OK also:

But Publishing document logic may not work for your scenario of tpa updates unless you have some source that retrieves the updates and publish a document.

I don’t want to loop through the tpa every 5 seconds if it’s not necessarily. It would make more sense to trigger a service when someone update the tpa.

pub.event:addSubscriber might be an avenue for this, but I’m not sure TN publishes any events that would be consumable this way. Possibly an audit event may give you the “something updated” trigger you’re looking for. You might check with SAG support to see if TN supports this facility.

Yes please check with SAG also:

I was thinking the same way about an audit event but not sure how it works in TN.

The question for SAG–does TN use the event facility in IS to publish events when certain admin/profile editing activities occur?

Just wondering if setting a JDBC Polling Notification on TN (DB-table) would be able to do that…

Amank - That could be an alternative.

Not a bad idea…But which table related to focus on TPA and there are many inter link/join tables also…

Well the tableName is TPA

The table name is TPA, the data is stored into BLOB column called TPADATA. I am guessing storing the required info in the description ‘text field’ is the best bet, seperated by delimiters.

So JDBC Polling works on this TPA table?

I dont see a reason why it wont…

ok let him try a shot and post back: