Automatically Configure Your Software API Management Stack - In a Containerized Environment

With the ever-increasing popularity of using “containers” to package and deploy applications, Infrastructure platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes (also known as K8s) are becoming essential to many companies and government organizations for deploying, scaling and managing containerized applications.

And with the ever-increasing popularity of using “APIs” to share data, promote re-use, and break silos across enterprises, Software AG API Management, recognized as a leader by Gardner, is a key solution to all your API needs.

But as you deploy a new softwareAG API Management solution in a containerized environment, how can you configure it automatically without any manual interventions?

Welcome to the “webmethods-apigateway-configurator” project and container!

In short it’s a container that can easily configure all the various functions of SoftwareAG webMethods APIGateway by simply passing a set of environment variable to it.

Under the hood, the container will performs all the needed operations and will strictly use the SoftwareAG APIGateway System APIs to perform all its functions.

I created an explanation / walk-through video (10 min) to highlight usage and actually perform show how it works:

Please also find this open-source project (contains detailed steps on trying this in your own docker-enabled workstation or server)