Automatic Julian Date when calling JDE BSFN with Peoplesoft adapter

We are having some problems with the parameters on JDE Enterprise One / JDE XE BSFN calls. Whenever the input parameter is a julian date… and we pass it in a properly formatted julian date, we get an error that sais “Unable to convert given value object to a date”… unparseable date.

This exception is thrown by the adapter service [ART.117.4002]. Within the log we see that it has invoked the service com.psft.xpi.adapter.erp.service.ERP8_BSFNTTemplateImpl.convertJavaDateToJDEDate.

Please note that if we pass in a date formatted in gregorian (mm/dd/yyyy) the BSFN runs properly.

Has anyone run into this issue? Is this configurable on the adapter?


Its not configurable on adapter. JDE stores data differently in its tables but the adapter exposes the data in Universal format.