Automatic Broker shutdown and restart. WM v6

Because of the backup’s, I need to stop the Broker at a pre-defined time then restart it 1 hour later or when the backup has finished. What would be the best way of acheiving this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tony Mundy
SCJ Johnson

trying to run service WmBrokerAdmin\com\wm\app\enterprise\admin\servers\stopServer but get the error message “no broker name entered”. The service has no input parameters so why is it asking for a broker name. I have also tried service getBrokerList but get the same result.

Any ideas


Tony Mundy
SC Johnson


I assume you are using wm 601 and have you checked the IS error log first? You need to configure broker setting in IS/Broker Admin first.

In document “JavaAdminReferenceGuide.pdf”, on page 35, tells how to get a list of brokers on a host. Before doing this, you may want to check broker configuration using broker commandline utilities.

Hope it helps.


  1. create shutdown service and schedule it
  2. use wmshutdown ( and then run in a timer mode.