Automate unit tests as part of DevOps task

Hi there,

We have a new requirement to add a new Azure DevOps task where all test cases from a test suite inside a package should be executed and only if all all them are passed then deployment can continue to the upper environments.

I was able to create a basic test suite with some test cases in a package. In the same time, I also created a local test suite executor package and I was able to execute the test suite on remote IS servers by executing ANT build file run-composite-runner.xml and changing the property value in

My question is how can I use this executor as part of a DevOps task so that I can run a script on each environment to run the test suite?


TestSuite Executor project can be pushed to any VCS along with other test packages containing test suites. DevOps tasks/actions are expected to check out the project prior to test execution in build system.