Automate promotion

Hi all,

As I am testing out your API Gateway, a question came in my mind:
I have seen the «promotion» page in the API Gateway (cloud version), where you can move a set of APIs from one stage (maybe DEV) to another (maybe TEST).
This is documented here:, chapter: «Manage Stages, Promotions, and Rollbacks»

Is it possible to automate that with scripts?
I am asking because I could not find any API which would do this task in the chapter «REST APIs in API Gateway» of the same document.

Hi Andreas Erb,
Unfortunately, the user guide is missing with the REST API details you are looking for.
We will update the user guide. Thanks for pointing out.

Yes, you could automate this use case promotion using the REST API “API Assets Promotion Management”.
You could find the detailed documentation (Swagger document) of this API in the installation location

Best Regards,
Shanmugam R.