Automate Enable and Disable schedulers, ports and triggers.

As part of deployments I want to automate enabling and disabling schedulers , ports and triggers.
Is there any way to do the same via command line or rest API?
Now I am doing using IS Admin page GUI.

Thank you,

I know of no REST API. But you can call the same Services the GUI calls (they are in WmRoot, check the DSP pages) via http-get (http://server/invoke/…)

Hi Vaishnavi,

when using Deployer it has options to do so automatically via project options.

If you really need to do so outside of Deployer you should have a look at the WmPublic/WmART package (see IS Built-In-Services Reference Guide) or at the IntegrationServer Java API to build some wrapper services around these services/methods which can then be invoked via IS Admin UI.