AutoGenerate FA creates FA on outbound transactions

I was thrilled when I realized TN would automatically generate FAs for transactions, and everything was working great as I tested inbound. Then I tried an outbound transaction, and to my (perhaps naive) surprise, I found that TN was also generating an FA on OUTBOUND transactions. Obviously, this is not desirable.

At this point (early testing, nothing in production yet), I had the idea that I would only have to use EDITPA and then build a specific TPA for the exceptions. I thought TN would be smart enough to realize that if the sender outbound was Enterprise, no FA should be generated. This appears not to be the case. (Am I right on that?)

Then I thought maybe I could create a TPA with Enterprise as sender and “all” as receiver, and turn the autogenerate FA flag off in that TPA, but “all” is not a choice - you get “unknown” or specific partners.

So, is the only way to do this to create a TPA for every outbound partner and turn the autogenerate FA flag off? Anyone have a better solution?


I use processing rules instead of TPAs:

  1. Outbound X12 envelope
    Sender = My Enterprise
    Receiver = Any
    invoke wm.EDIINT:send

  2. Inbound X12 envelope
    Sender = Any
    Receiver = My Enterprise
    pass envelope to legacy translator on Mainframe
    invoke wm.b2b.edi.util:generateFA
    LOOP over /outDocument
    invoke wm.EDIINT:send (w/ outDocument as input)



I use TPA’s and TN does not generate FA’s for outbound EDI. You do not specify to generate the FA in the TPA. AFAIK you have to explicitly invoke wm.b2b.edi.util.generateFA service.
Typically each trading partnership will have 2 TPAs one where you are the sender and the other where you are the receiver. TPAs turn on FA Reconciliation but do not generate FA.

In 6.1, there is a specific flag in wm.b2b.editn.TPA:EDITPA under FAGeneration called autoGenerateFA. You can in fact turn that on to have TN automatically generate FAs. However, it is not available if you specify a DT, such as an 820 3040.

I’m using 6.0.1. Haven’t got around to loading up 6.1 yet.
What I would suggest would be to leave the Autogenerate to no for Outbound TPAs and report it back to wm as a potential flaw.

When you turn on that autoGenerateFA option, is TN also supposed to send the FA back out to the partner?? When I submit inbound 850’s to my test system nothing is being generated or sent even tho I have a TPA setup with me as the receiver with all the relevant options turned on. I was under the impression that TPA would be invoked on any inbound EDI transaction and generate a FA… I do have a processing rule to handle the FA and deliver it… Inside the X12 850 the following variables are set:

EDI Acknowledgment - DISABLED

Does this have anything to do with it and how can I change it?

Have you tried to Trace through the code to see if the GenerateFA method is called. Place a savePipeLineToFile and write to file in the code just to verify if the FA is in fact being called. Perhaps the transaction is not being validated correctly. Just a thought…

I posted a support ticket to WM on this. The answer is that the TPA for the partner MUST have the name “EDITPA”. You can then have an EDITPA with your company as the sender and “unknown” as the receiver and turn the autoGenerateFA flag off. Although the documentation (EDI Module User’s Guide, p. 112) alludes to this, it is not clear that it’s required.