Auto logging in from a form

A site exists where a user name and password is required. As an example - (site b) will imediately present a network prompt asking for a user name and password before continuing on. How would one create a link from site a that will automatically log you into site b? Any hints on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You might have to pass the username and password along with the url. But, you need to know the exact format in which it needs to be passed. for example, you could use a url like For the exact format contact the people from site b. Hope this helps.

If the authentication was via a HTML form this would work but the site (webmethods server) prompts for the user name and password first before any URL is parsed.

You can pass the username and password to a service in the webmethods server @site b. And make that service ACL to anonymous. This will make sure that the server doesnt prompt for a username and password.
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You could also try client certificates (you’ll have to install the cert on the user’s browser and the public key on IS, then have the HTTPS port request or require certificates).

Rupinder your suggestion was right on the money, it did the trick. Thanks for your help.