Authentication problem

I just finished installing CentraSite 3.1.8. I’m attempting to allow access to certain resources (schemas, wsdls etc) in the repository to anonymous users. I have set the “Unauthenticated User” to have read access to the resources (and all parents) but when I attempt to navigate to the resource I continue to get challenged for credentials. Am I mssing something?


CentraSite will always prompt for credentials. Only the webDAV part can be accessed without credentials using a special URL. This is what the unauthenticated user represents.

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This is the URI I’m using (http://host:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite/ino:dav/ino:dav/projects/AFA/Schemas/v1) and I get prompted. I’ve tried replacing the first “CentraSite” in the URI to be “CentraSite_authenticated” and I no longer get prompted. However when I import wsdl files that reference these schemas (using the “CentraSite_authenticated” URI in the schema location attribute)CentraSite cannot find the schema locations.

So I need to:
A. Find out if its possible for an anonymous user to read data from the WebDav without being prompted and without using the “centrasite_authenticated” in the URI
B. Find out how to import a wsdl into centrasite using the “centrasite_authenticated” uri in the schema location.