Authentication issue

I have 2 service in two different servers: A and B.
when I am invoking A/invoke/service1- I can see login prompt on the brower
when I am invoking B/invoke/service1- I can not see any login prompt, it is invoking the service directly with out asking and authentication in the browser

What could be the reason of that? is it related to the ACL which I have used while creating the service? or watt.server level extended setting is responsible for different behaviour?

Some quick thoughts on the simple things first:

  • Did/Do you have an already logged in session in the browser when you ran/run the service on B?
  • Is your browser remembering credentials?
  • Is the execute ACL set to Anonymous on the service?

For the first 2, test through incognito mode in your browser - this would rule them out.
For the third - the execute ACL, you can check this in designer.