Audit settings

Can we enable or disable audit logging at flow service level without touching the service itself?


Is there any way to enable or disable the service level auditing from external source, like IS or any in built service, instead of modifying the service?

Were you able to find anything in the documentation that might provide this type of capability?

I am looking for the same feature. Is there a way?.


Not quite sure, but you can check following service :


Note: WmRoot services are not public and not supported for use in customer applications. There is no guarentee that they will retain backward compatible behavior in future releases.

Puneet Saxena

Thanks Punnet. I have looked at these services and see provision to change most of other general properties, but not for the audit settings like (Enable Auditing, log on, include pipeline etc…)

Did anybody pay attentiuon to Rob’s post above i.e. look into the documentation because in developer’s guide this exactly feature is discussed in “Configuring Service Auditing” chapter. You can simply enable or disable audit logging at service property without changing code ?


what i meant is, with out connecting to the developer and mofiding the properties of a service for auditing, i am looking for a way to customize/automate to do this is just by calling service from IS.

Anybody got this to work yet?


According to wM support, this is not possible :frowning: