Attach server reconnect (JAVA ACI)


We are currently working on a java project and need to use EntireX to send/receive message with a partner.

We are using the Java ACI to register an attach server and replicates servers functionality, everything work fine and we can receive/respond to messages in a multi-threaded environment.

However if our application crash, we are loosing our BrokerService instance (Java ACI object) and can’t find a way to reconnect to the previously registered attach server.
Is there a way to do so ?

Thank you,

You need to supply a user defined TOKEN value on the logon (and retain it throughout the calls). Supply the same token (and user-id) value when you reconnect after a failure and the server will re-connect. If you are using the same USER-ID to connect to EntireX Broker concurrently, then each requires its own unique TOKEN value.

See the documentation on USER-ID and TOKEN - this is from v9.12, but is applicable to earlier versions also:

Thanks Douglas, it works perfectly !