ATC error: \"Timeout(112-1450): The request timed out.&

Hi all,

I sometimes meet ATC error: “Timeout(112-1450): The request timed out.”.
I have two things to ask.

  1. Error Notification
    What I want to do is to get a notification of this error from Enterprise Server.
    Anyone knows how to catch this error?

For my current situation, when the number of input records doesn’t meet the number of output records,
I consult Integration Monitor and recognize this error. (Then I resubmit document.)
This is not smart. So I wnat timeout error notifications directly from Enterprise Server in some way without Integration Monitor.

There is not any traces about this error in below log or documents.
Syslog ==> /var/log/
Document ==> Adapter::error
If some error traces leave in document or file, I can build mail-notification or so.

  1. ATC Tuning to resolve this error

Are there some setting terms for ATC to resolve this error?
I think this error may be caused by bad database performance. At the same time, I also think there are some setting terms around ATC.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

I had the similar problem before. I wanted to use the time-out error within an ATC blueprint to trigger other component. But the ATC (1.1) just logged in the error and could not trigger anything. I had a long time discussion with the wM support and they gave me the following answer finally:

"I wrote to Padmasri Tammineni, another Support person and she confirms that
what you are asking can only be done with Work Units and not with

If you have not gone too far towards implementing this integration, you may
want to consider using EI 4.5.1 with some new adapters (logging and utility
adapters) which offer a replacement of ATC.

If this is not a possibility and you still wish to monitor your resources’
activity, you will need to implement a separate integration to do it."

This means it is not so simple to catch the time-out error within the ATC blueprint in my case.

However, for your problem, you can configure the ATC adapter to have time-out retry. In adapter_configure tool, you set the initial time-out length, and the maximum time-out length. When the blueprint (I assume you are using blueprint) gets the time-out error, it is possible to double the intial time-out length to wait, then tripple, till it reaches the maximum.

To set the blueprint to retry, you need to add the time-out retry document from the error-retry window (it is the same window that you specify the blueprint) and check the time-out retry box.

Hope this can help you.

Hello zhi-gang_wei,
(Sorry for my late response.)

Your first half comment is very suggestive for me, because my ATC also trigger other component.
As you assumed, I’m using blueprint and it catches time-out.
Your advise and re-reading over corresponfig sections of “ATC User Guide” gave me accurate understanding of retry-mechanism of ATC.
So I added a document type, which comes time-out, and checked a time-out column for it by Plug-in Editor. That’s all I did this time.