Async Categorized Table: What is the Max Primacy?


Is there a limit on the value for the Column Ordinal in an Async Categorized Table?

We have a table with 20 columns and 18 of them belong to three different categories.

Illustratively, you have a 4 column table with Continents, Countries, States and Capitals. So you have three categories of Continents, Countries and States.

Will the below setting work?

Column Ordinal
Continents 1
Countries 2
States 3
Capitals 0

If not, what is the correct settings?

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The maximum number of ordinals is defined by the maxOrdinal attribute of the Table Control. Please see the Table Control documentation for more info.

The ordinals are defined as:

0 = none, 1 = primary, 2 = secondary, etc.
(0 = no sort)


Hi Mark,

How does the maxOrdinal of the Table Control work in conjunction with the individual column ordinals?

Can I have Column Ordinal set upto 5? Is there a limit here?

I suppose I am trying to have multiple column categorization with a combination of these two attributes, but I also got a reply on another post that we can Categorize only by one column.

I guess I will have to use the Async Tree Table. :frowning:

Thanks for your reply,
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There isn’t a limit to the sorting ordinals. In a sample i posted yesterday, the table has 20 columns and you can set an ordinal for each column: