Assigning LDAP Users to LDAP groups

Dear Friends,

 In our project we are using LDAP service for user authentication. I am using the developer pub:ldap services. Using these service i can able to create, search, update and delete users and groups. 

 If i need to assign some users to a particular group, then wat service needs to use and how to do. Please reply me ASAP.

Hi Vijayakumar,

r u doing user authentication also, if so can you please let me know how you are validating the username and password combination. Thanks in advance.

Hi VenGinj,

For authentication we are using the single signon (SSO) mechanism.

So far we are using the LDAP for create and store the user informations.

Vijayakumar B

Hi Vijayakumar,

You can help me in the sso please?
How can i implemented the authentication using sso?


Create the user groups in LDAP (e.g. developers, administrators etc) and make the appropriate users part of those groups.

Then you can use ‘External user management configuration’ link in Users and Groups menu on IS console to enable the user authentication using LDAP.

The last step would be to map the LDAP groups with the ACLs.

Once ACLs are enabled for the services, IS will take care of authenticating of the servers.


If you are on release 6.5 or higher of IS you should not be using any services found in pub:ldap folder. These services are all being depricated acording to the documentation. Take a look at the services in pug:client.ldap instead. Use the bind service to connect and then the modify service to make changes to ldap entries.