Assigning IDOC Xml as Input

Hi all,

I have this basic doubt. What is an IDOC Xml file? How is it different from xml file? Coming to the point, how can we give an IDOC Xml file as input to a flow service in webMethods designer? I’m using webMethods 9.10 version. Please help me ASAP.

Hi Anna,

IDOC Xml is a specific format for SAP - Documents.

As long as you do not need to integrate with SAP systems via SAP Adapter you wiill not need this specific format.

More likely you want to use simple xml formats (ideally defined by XSD).


Okay. How do we give xml file was input to a flow service?

Another doubt, I have an xsd file with me. Is it possible to convert an xsd file to idoc xml file format?

Hi Anna,

Are you trying to send IDOC in a XMLString?

IDOC is just another way of representing business data inside tags.
Attaching a sample data for your information.

If you have an XSD which is defined for IDOC then you can import it in webMethods.

Also i am not sure what do you mean by converting XSD file to idoc xml?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

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