Assigning empty string to JSON

Hi guys,

I have a document in ESB which I would like to transform it to JSON string below.

“groupKey”: “”,
“fullNm”: “Ronnie”

I would like to set an EMPTY STRING to groupKey, may I know how to do it? If I leave groupKey empty, it won’t appear in JSON String.

Ronnie She Chien Wei

Few points that might help me,

Make sure each field under the IS doc has Allow null=true and if the IS documents have a null value from the upstream system, write a java code to preserve the null or empty values and then pass it to pub.json:documentToJSONString

Hi Ronnie,

The solution is simpler then you think.

  • Click on the groupKey field in your documentType reference
  • In the popup just click OK
  • Feed the document type reference to pub.json:documentToJSONString and it will work.

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian