Asset Build Environment and isport Assets

I have the common structure for the source directory.

The source points to IS directory. PackageA has a config directory with the listener.cnf file. However, when I run ABE to build the composite I only get ispackage composite and never get the isconfiguration composite.

Only if I add a config directory under IS will I get isconfiguration composite, but it mainly just includes the acls that exist on the IS server I’m building on. Any thoughts on what I have wrong?

Source Directory set on ABE

did you check abe documentation? you may have to turn on some settings.

In the deployer user guide for 10.1

Under section - Adding Administrative Assets to the Source Directory

It states the ABE will produce the if below exists, but this does not work.


Integration Server_directory\instances\instance_name\packages\package_name\con?g\listeners.cnf

Only if I go to WMRoot\config on the IS server and copy the listener.cnf from that package to buildsource\config then my PackageA will get the for the port that is defined in the PackageA\config within the source folder.