ASP.NET Sample using TaminoAcc.dll !!!

Here is a sample done in ASP.NET to insert a record from a web form. I am using the .dll that another member(Stephen Beck) posted. This seems to work well. Notice the comments in the file stating you must change the string to connect to your Tamino Datasource.

Here is the link to the other message that contains the .zip file with the .Dll:

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TaminoDotNetInsert.aspx (5.46 KB)

Any particular reason that you didn’t use the
Tamino Active X API?

The only example given with the Tamino Active X API was done in C++. A language that I am not up to speed on. Also the documentation for the Active X component is sparse at best as far as describing how I can use it in VB/ASP.

The other .DLL that I used that Stephen Beck created, came with ASP samples and great documentation. Perhaps you guys should hire the guy to write the samples and docs for your ActiveX component. :smiley:

Knute Hestness