ASP and taminoX.ocx

I’m starting to build an application with the tamino database.
I want to use the taminoX.ocx ActiveX API.

Can anybody send me an example of a simple form that inserts data into the database using ASP programming.

I already have the TaminoAcc file, so that I don’t need! :frowning:

Sorry I don’t know ASP. However, the following is the equivalent VB that does what you ask:

Set TamX = CreateObject(“TaminoX.TaminoX1”)
TamX.csDatabaseURL = “http://localhost/tamino/mydb/ino:etc

Set xmldoc = CreateObject(“MSXML.DOMDocument”)
xmldoc.LoadXML (“<?xml version='1.0'?>”)
Set res = TamX.Process(xmldoc.DocumentElement, “”)

outputError = TamX.GetErrorStatus(errtxt)
If outputError <> 0 Then
’ errtxt has error message
End If

Here same example in VBScript, you can use somithing like it in an ASP code.