.asmx?WSDL webservice

Hi all, I try to consume the follow webservice:
But I can’t find the way. If any bady can help me I’ll be grateful.

Have you reviewed the webMethods-supplied documentation? It provides information for consuming web services.

I’m looking for a web service documentation, I think I need some jar to can access to the asmx, but I still looking for

If you’re planning to call the web service from Integration Server, then you don’t need any JAR file.

When you installed Developer and if you selected to install documentation, you’ll find the “Web Services Developer’s Guide” in the Guides directory.

Hi reamon, thank you very much for your help, I forgot set the proxy in the Integration Server :-/ this is a new installation. Thanks again, in Argentina we say “4 eyes see more than 2” hehe.