Ask R&D about Natural Event - post your questions here

Get technical tips and tricks from the professionals who develop Natural! The Software AG R&D team wants to meet you in a live interactive webinar and answer your questions!

About the event

Don’t let questions like “what’s the difference between ‘READ … THRU’ and ‘READ … TO’?” keep you up at night!

Grab this chance to speak directly with R&D. Ask your toughest technical questions to the team that knows the Natural language inside and out!

Post your detailed questions for the Natural for z/OS R&D team here or send a private message by September 30, 2023

To attend the Ask R&D event on Thursday, October 12th - Register here

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Ask R&D: Natural Syntax and Runtime - Presentation Slides from October 2023 event
Ask R&D Natural Syntax and Runtime_Oct 2023.pdf (3.5 MB)